1. Maximum Prepaid Credit Limit

Maximum Prepaid Airtime Credit Limit is capped at RM1,000.00 at any one time for all Digi Prepaid voice rate plans. Any attempt to reload / top up to a prepaid account with a balance of RM1,000.00 will be unsuccessful upon reaching maximum threshold.

2. Common Reload / Top-Up Denominations:


Reload Denomination

Account Validity


5 Days


10 Days


15 Days


30 Days


50 Days


120 Days

Other Amount Range: RM1 - RM999

(Only applicable to assisted MSA Reload)

Max capped at 120 days for any reload amount exceeding RM100

3. Common Scenarios:



Expected Outcome

Scenario 1: 


  • Existing Digi Prepaid subscriber with RM100 airtime credit balance


  • Subscriber performs reload / top-up for another RM100 


Outcome 1:

  • Airtime credit balance will be accumulated to RM200 


  • Digi Prepaid account validity will be extended by 120 days from the date of most recent RM100 reload / top-up


(Example: Given the most recent RM100 reload was performed on 1 January ’21, the Digi Prepaid account validity will be extended by 120 days from 1 January ’21)

Scenario 2:


  • Existing Digi Prepaid subscriber with RM990 airtime credit balance


  • Subscriber attempts to perform reload / top-up for another RM30



Outcome 2:

  • This account would have exceeded RM1000,00 maximum prepaid credit limit if the RM30 reload was successful. 


  • Therefore, the RM30 reload will be rejected and subscriber account will be prompted an error upon attempt to reload


  • For the rejected RM30 reload, 


  1. The RM30 reload PIN will remain as a valid PIN for subsequent reload when the account airtime credit balance is reduced to an amount below RM1,000.00 threshold

  2. If the RM30 reload transaction is attempted via MyDigi mobile application  or web application, the transaction will be rejected, and payment will not go through

4. Forfeiture of Prepaid Airtime Credit

Upon expiry of account validity, the prepaid account will transition from active period to R1 grace period (refer to diagram below – 90 days for Digi Prepaid NEXT and Digi legacy rate plans. 

By the end of R1 grace period, the prepaid account will transition to R2 grace period (1 day for all prepaid rate plans) and subsequently to termination. Prepaid Airtime Credit will be forfeited when the full prepaid account lifecycle is lapsed leading to termination of such prepaid account.