When a Digi Prepaid subscriber performs a reload / top-up to Digi Prepaid account, the airtime credit will be accumulated in the main airtime credit balance bucket. The credit in this bucket can be used for all basic telephony services on pay-as-you-use basis (PAYU) such as making voice calls, sending SMS. On top of that, this bucket of credit can be used for subscription and renewal of Monthly Active Internet plan, Monthly Plan Booster, and On-demand Internet passes.


Sitting on top of the main airtime credit balance precedence is the freebie credit bucket. This bucket houses free credit from various promotions, for instance the 10% extra credit from MyDigi reload promotion will be credited to this freebie credit bucket. Usage of freebie credit varies by promotion with the most common usage types for Internet plan subscription or renewal and for voice call purposes.


When a Digi Prepaid subscriber has both - freebie credit bucket and main airtime credit balance, the freebie credit bucket will be first deducted at higher precedence if the usage criteria meets the freebie credit criteria prior to next tier of precedence.