The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) sets out an acceptable level of conduct between Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and its registered customers using the internet services provided by Digi.


Whilst connection is "always on" for each Customer, the available bandwidth is shared by all Customers active at a particular point in time. A small portion (about 5-10%) of Customers use a very large portion (about 70-80%) of bandwidth based on Digi's data and that from other Internet service providers.

All mobile Internet packages and plans are provided with an allowance in the form of a quota for Internet access in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB) within a specified validity period. Once the Customer exceeds his/her Internet allowance, the Customer will be automatically charged for further Internet access as specified in the applicable rate plan.

Depending on the Digi Prepaid Internet Plan subscribed, subscribers will get unlimited quota for either all-day usage or on selected apps only. Even though Digi includes Unlimited in our communications, the quota will still be set to a very high quota due to Digi's Fair Usage Policy. In the event customer exceeds FUP, Digi may manage the bandwidth by throttling the speed.