There are 3 main categories of Internet options for subscribers on Digi Prepaid Raja Kombo – (A) Monthly Active Plans; (B) Monthly Active Plan Booster; (C) On-demand Passes.

Monthly Active Plans refer to non-recurring 30-day Internet plan subscription which comes with Always Active feature and that extends both account validity and Internet validity by 30 days upon successful subscription. There is no pre-requisite for Monthly Active Plan subscription. However, it is important to note that only one active Monthly Active Plan subscription per prepaid account is allowed at any one time. Internet quota from this category is non-stackable as the latest Monthly Active Plan subscription will replace the previous subscription from the same category (Monthly Active Plan). 

Monthly Active Plan Boosters refer to quota top-up (QTU) offers which is designed to top up Internet quota when the base Internet quota of Monthly Active Plan is exhausted. The booster does not extend any account validity nor Internet validity and its validity follows that of Monthly Active Plan subscription. Booster subscription is non-recurring and subscribers have the full flexibility to make multiple subscriptions of Booster at any one time. It is crucial to note Booster offers will only be available to subscribers with an active Monthly Actie Plan subscription as the pre-requisite. Internet quota from Booster offer is stackable on multiple purchase at any one time.On-demand passes are designed as sachet short validity passes to cater to on-demand subscribers who purchase Internet as and when it is needed. Typically, on-demand passes have short validity (<30 days) and are non-recurring subscription in nature. Subscribers have the full flexibility to purchase multiple on-demand passes at any one time. When subscriber purchases the exact same on-demand passes multiple times at any one time, the internet quota will be combined and stacked within a single data bucket. However, when subscriber purchase multiple different on-demand passes at any one time, the Internet quota will be reflected as individual data bucket according to respective on-demand pass subscription.

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