The Offer 

Through Digi Yellow Heart initiative, all Senior Citizens and Person with Disabilities (PWD) are eligible for a lifetime rebate of RM10 on their monthly postpaid bill. 


To be eligible for this rebate, the eligible subscribers must sign up for any current selling principal postpaid & broadband plans and meeting the following criteria: 

Rebate Type 

Eligibility Criteria 

Senior Citizen 

Subscribers aged 60 & above 


Person with Disabilities (PwD) 

Subscribers with valid Person with Disabilities (PwD) card 

Registration and Redemption 

Registration mechanics for the eligible subscribers as per below: 

Rebate Type 

Registration Mechanics 

Senior Citizen 

Channels: Digi Stores, Digi Store Express, Digi Dealers & Digi Online Store 


Eligible subscribers are required to redeem the rebate via MyDigi App Box of Surprise within 5 working days after the successful postpaid registration. 


Person with Disabilities (PwD) 

Channels: Digi Stores only 


Eligible subscribers are required to present valid NRIC and Person with Disabilities (PwD) Card during registration 


For Senior Citizen, here is how you can redeem your lifetime rebate benefit: 

All the subscribers who are tagged with this lifetime rebate are required to stay active on the postpaid plan. Any Postpaid to Prepaid or Change of Plan performed after the granting of the rebate will forfeit the rebate and for eligible subscribers whose new plans are eligible for the rebate are required to perform the above registration mechanics again.