Eligible Plans Type for Internet Sharing

From 26 Oct 2021 onwards, we have introduced a new feature for sharing internet with your family/gadget SIM. With this new feature, all Digi Postpaid principal line subscribers can assign a maximum quota that the other lines within the same family group can consume from the total shareable internet quota pool.

Following are the eligible type of the lines that is eligible for internet sharing.

Product Type 

Plans Type 

Postpaid Voice 

All Principal Plans, All Family Plans and Gadget SIM

Postpaid Broadband 

All Principal Plans and All Supplementary Plans 

Digi Prepaid and Digi Fibre lines are not eligible for internet sharing. 

Charges for Internet Sharing

While all Digi Postpaid subscribers who are the head of family are eligible for internet sharing feature, however, there is an additional fee applicable to enable this sharing feature depending on your principal rate plan. Following are the fees by the eligible principal postpaid plans:  

Principal Plans 


Current Selling Postpaid (2021) Plans 


Non-Selling (Older) Postpaid Plans

RM10/ month 

To identify whether your postpaid plan is the current selling plans, please click here

Setting Up and Performing Quota Sharing for the Lines in the Same Family Group

Once you enable the internet sharing on your eligible principal postpaid line, all the lines in the family group will automatically consume from your shareable internet quota before their own internet quota. To limit the usages of each of these lines, you may perform capping on the total internet quota that each of these lines can utilize from your shareable internet quota. If you wish to do so, you may perform the following steps via MyDigi App. 

The quota capping feature is available on MyDigi app v12.3.0 onwards. Please update your MyDigi app to access.

Family Members Internet Consumption on your Shared Quota Bucket

If you have set up the Quota Sharing to your family members previously, the same value will be automatically assigned for your respective family members and your family members will only be able to use up to the amount that you have set.

If you have not assigned any Quota Sharing to your family members previously, your family members are able to use all the available shared quota that you have.

Once you perform this sharing, each of these lines will only be able to consume up to the quota amount you set in each bill cycle. If you wish to change the amount of quota for your family member, you may do so anytime by repeating the steps above, otherwise, you only need to perform this once.

Difference between Previous Internet Sharing and the Current Internet Sharing Feature

With the recent update, there is a difference between the previous quota sharing mechanism and the latest quota sharing mechanism.

  • Old internet sharing feature – the quota amount set for the supplementary line will be reserved for the family members and no one else can consume it. However, with this update, this experience is no longer valid.
  • New internet sharing feature – the quota amount set is the maximum amount for the family members to consume, however, the amount is not reserved for the family member. Hence there is a possibility that the supplementary line consumes less than the set amount as the quota availability is based on a first come first serve basis.