Jaringan Prihatin is an initiative of the Malaysian Government, in collaboration with the Telecommunication Service Provider industry, where a total of RM2.0 billion has been allocated to the recipients of the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) for the purchase of either Telecommunication Devices or Telecommunication Data Plans.


1. Can I transfer my Jaringan Prihatin Rebate to another individual?

No, you cannot. The Jaringan Prihatin Rebate is tied to the customer’s Identification Card (IC). Therefore, it cannot be transferred to another individual.

2. Can I convert the Jaringan Prihatin Rebate to cash?

No, you cannot convert the Rebate to cash. 

3. Can I transfer my Jaringan Prihatin Subsidy from one Mobile Number to another, if I have more than 1 Mobile Number with Digi?

No, you cannot. The Jaringan Prihatin Subsidy is only tied to 1 Mobile Number and 1 Identification Card (IC), upon sign-up.

4. What will happen to my Personal Data when I register?

All personal data provided to the Jaringan Prihatin programme belongs to the Malaysian Government and will be used for official Government purposes.