1. The Offer

Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia is a new prepaid Internet plan aimed at providing Malaysian youth and students ease of access to mobile Internet for productivity and entertainment usage. This offer is valid till 31 October 2022.

2. Eligibility

All Malaysians aged 21 years and below based on date of birth on NRIC are eligible for Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia. Eligible individuals must first activate a Digi prepaid line or be an existing Digi Prepaid subscriber prior to subscribing to Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia.

The offer is available for activation via MyDigi App / Web, Lazada, Shopee and Touch ‘N Go e-Wallet. 

Lazada / Shopee and Touch ‘N Go e-Wallet

Please refer to "#4 How-to-subscribe" for step-by-step redemption guide for these channels. Ineligible subscribers who purchase Pakej Remaja Keluarga will be granted RM30 worth of airtime credit with 30 days account validity extension, subject to redemption via shortcode *888*1# . 

3. Benefits of Offer

Eligible subscribers for Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia will benefit from 20GB all-usage truly high-speed mobile Internet quota with 90 days validity at RRP of RM30 per subscription (RM10/month). On top of that, this offer also includes unlimited basic Internet upon exhaustion of 20GB truly high-speed base Internet quota.

Offer summary:


Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia

Internet Quota

20GB all-usage quota


90 days




4. How-to-subscribe on Lazada, Shopee, and Touch 'N Go e-Wallet

Step 1:

Eligibility Check


To ensure eligibility criteria is met 

(based on date of birth on NRIC registered for Digi Prepaid line in use)

Step 2: 

Purchase Journey

For purchase of Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia, please download Touch n’ Go e-Wallet or Lazada/Shopee application via Google Play store or Apple App store and login to application.


Step 3:

SMS notification


Subscriber to receive SMS notification on prepaid number upon successful completion of Step 2.




Step 4: 

Redemption of Internet

Redemption via shortcode *888*1#



Completion of Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia subscription journey.


5. Internet Quota Utilisation


In terms of Internet quota utilisation, the highest precedence is on Internet freebies (if applicable), for example 1GB Internet freebie for first time MyDigi download. Subsequently, this is followed by the 20GB all usage quota from Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia. 

Below the precedence of Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia, it is followed by Monthly Plan Booster (quota top up). The next precedence refers to app-based or time-based Internet quota from any Monthly Active internet plan such as Unlimited YouTube or biGBonus (1pm-7pm) Internet quota. The subsequent precedence refers to all-usage Internet quota from any Monthly Active Internet plan. 


At the bottom end of the precedence, it is the unlimited basic Internet from Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia to ensure always-on Internet experience.


Summary of precedence as follow:

6. Internet Quota Top-up


Upon exhaustion of 20GB all-usage Internet quota from Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia, it is recommended for subscribers to top up Internet quota for continuous truly high-speed mobile Internet experience. Recommended options are as follow:


  1. Option A

Repeat purchase of Pakej Remaja Keluarga Malaysia 

(Refer to #4 How-to-Subscribe)


  1. Option B

Purchase any Monthly Active Internet plan via MyDigi mobile application or by dialing shortcode *128#


  1. Option C

Purchase any short validity on-demand pass via MyDigi mobile application or by dialing shortcode *128#