Signing-Up for Auto-Billing 

To sign up for auto-pay, you can register via MyDigi or walk-in to any Digi Store/Digi Store Express/Digi Dealers located nationwide with your NRIC/Passport and your credit card for the service. 

By registering, you will be authorising Digi to automatically debit the bill amount from your credit card or debit card account. Your credit card or debit card will be charged only on the 5th day after your monthly bill is generated so that customers can clarify any charges imposed prior to being auto-billed. 


MyDigi app Auto-Billing sign-up steps:


Change Auto-Billing Cards 

Whether your cards that were registered for auto-billing have expired expiry or you would like to change your auto-billing charges to another cards, you may change your cards for auto-billing via MyDigi App.


Here are the steps to perform auto-billing card changes via MyDigi App

Disable Auto-Billing Card 

If you would like to disable auto-billing, you may do so via MyDigi app or walk-in to any Digi Store/ Digi Store Express/ Digi Dealers located nationwide. However, if you are an auto-billing subscriber with PhoneFreedom 365 device contract, you are not allowed to disable auto-billing. Once the contract period has ended, you may proceed to disable auto-billing option. 

Here are the steps to perform auto-billing cards disabled via MyDigi App: