For your convenience, you have the choice to choose your preferred medium to receive your bills from Digi. If you would like to start or stop receiving paper bills, here’s some key information you should be aware of. 

  • How to Request:  

  1. During registration of your Postpaid line  
  2. Call our Customer Service Helpline at 016-2211800 / walk-in to a Digi store 

Once you have successfully requested and subscribed to receiving paper bills, they will be delivered to you thereafter.  

  • Subscription Cost: RM10 per phone line if you request Standard paper bills or Itemized paper bills. 


  • How to Unsubscribe: Call our Customer Service Helpline at 016-2211800 / walk-in to a Digi store. 


  • How to change delivery address: Call our Customer Service Helpline at 016-2211800 or you may use the MyDigi app or web.