With Add-On Deals, you will enjoy more savings with your new Digi Postpaid plan by contracting your postpaid line for 12 months. You can choose only the things that matter to you the most. Digi Postpaid Add-On Deals offer a wide range of services from extra quota, bill rebates, broadband lines, roaming services or even Unlimited High-Speed Internet. 

Add-On Deals Limit 

Each subscriber is eligible for a maximum of 4 (four) active contract per NRIC/Passport in combination of devices contract such as Phone Freedom 365, Pakej PowerJimat, Pakej Peranti Keluarga Malaysia and add-on deals. For example, if you have signed up for 1 PhoneFreedom 365 and 1 Pakej PowerJimat, that means you can only sign up for 2 more combinations of device contract and add-on deals. 

Each eligible postpaid line may only have 1 (one) active contract at any point of time. Therefore, if you have subscribers to any device contract on the current line. You must sign up another line or terminate the existing device contact with penalty charges applicable if you would like to sign up for add-on deals.  

Add-On Deals Eligibility

Add-On Deals is only being offered to Digi Subscribers on the new postpaid principal and family plans. If you are Digi Subscribers on the older selling plans, you are required to perform change of plan to the new Digi Postpaid plans in order to sign up to any Add-On deals.