Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Digi #JomFibre Contest campaign about?

The Digi #JomFibre Contest is hosted on Digi’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Every week there will be a contest post that will ask you to tag a friend who needs 2 years Free Digi Fibre and tell us why they need it. Each entry requires the participant to use #JomFibre. The most creative answers will win the prize.

2. Where can I find the Digi #JomFibre Contest?

You will find the contest post pinned to the top of Digi’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each post is valid for the week that it is pinned. Once the contest winners' names have been pinned to each post in the comments section, the post will no longer be valid for contests entries.

Eg: Week 1 validity 19 Sept – 24 Sept, Week 2 validity 26 Sept – 1 Oct, Week 3 validity 3 Oct – 8th Oct and so forth.


3. What if my friend tags me and I tag them on different days/post?

Each participant is only allowed to win 1 prize regardless of how many times they have been tagged and vice versa. Each prize will be tied to the participant’s IC and therefore is non-transferrable.

4. What is the contest period?

The Digi #JomFibre Contest commences on 14 September 2021 and runs till 30 November 2021.

5. Who is eligible to participate in the campaign?

All active Digi Subscribers and all Non-Digi subscribers legally residing in Malaysia during the contest period except subscribers as stipulated in the Digi #JomFibre T&Cs.

6. What is the prize?

You and your friend will win 2 Years FREE Digi Fibre 90 worth RM1,800 each (RM75/month x 24 months), subject to coverage and port availability. You and your friend may choose to upgrade your Digi Fibre plans, upon request, with a maximum rebate of RM75 x 24 months.

7. How do I claim my prize?

Winners will be announced on each weekly contest post in the comments section. Winners will be notified via Private Message on Digi’s Facebook and Twitter pages (where applicable) as an confirmation on the prizes for you and your tagged friend. You and your friend are required to furnish Digi with complete details within the relevant period (as notified by Digi). Details required will be:

  • Full Name (as per NRIC),
  • NRIC, 
  • Phone Number,  
  • Email,  
  • Digi Fibre installation address (Unit, Street, City, State, Postcode)

If any potential winners fail to reply the accurate and complete details to Digi via Private Message(s) on Facebook or Twitter, (whichever is applicable) for any reason whatsoever during the notified period determined by Digi, they will be automatically disqualified and shall have no claims. Once all relevant and complete details have been furnished to Digi, a representative will contact the winners within 14 working days to arrange for installation.  

8. What if I terminate my subscription?

If you terminate your plan within your 24-month contract tenure, you will forfeit the RM75 x 24 months rebate and be subject to an early termination penalty of RM500.

9. I am eligible to enjoy the Digi #JomFibre prize. However, my area is not serviceable. What should I do?

The RM75 x 24 months rebate will be given to eligible customer in serviceable fibre area and subject to port availability. In the event eligible customer is not within fibre coverage and no port availability, Digi will honour customer with a RM100 Digi Prepaid voucher.

10. During the campaign period, can I enjoy other promotions/offers from Digi as well?

You are eligible for only one (1) fibre promotion at any time. The RM75 x 24 months rebate will be applied upon service activation of your selected fibre plan.

11. I am an existing Digi Fibre customer, and I won the RM75 x 24 months rebate. How can I redeem this offer?

You will need to sign up to a second Digi Fibre line to redeem the RM75 x 24 months rebate. Termination of your primary fibre line is not allowed.