1. Where can I perform SIM replacement? 

You may walk-in to our self-service kiosk for SIM replacement. Kiosks located outside the Dig Store, LRT or family mart. Please note that officially there is a charge of RM10 for each SIM replacement transaction. However, you can waive off the RM10 fee by scanning the QR code provided to you. The registered owner must present as the kiosk will need your MyKad and thumbprint for verification purposes. 


2. Can I use the QR promo code for other Digi product? 

No, the QR promo code is only for SIM replacement and applicable only for eligible users. 


3. How do I know if I’m an eligible user for the Free SIM Replacement? 

If your current SIM card is not 4G supported, then you should be eligible for the free sim replacement. You also should have received a SMS from Digi on the notification that you need to upgrade your Sim Card to a 4G LTE supported sim. 


4. Can I replace my old Sim card online? 

Unfortunately, online Sim replacement is not available. To find out the nearest self-service kiosks that are open, click here: https://www.digi.com.my/digi-store?store_search=&store_services%5B%5D=24+Hours+Self+Service+Kiosk 


5. How old will the free waiver for the sim replacement last? 

The campaign promotion will end on the 31 Dec 2021. 

To learn more about the 3G Network Shutdown, please refer here for the English version and here for the BM version.