With #JuaraInternet promotion, all new sign-ups of Postpaid 40 with Add-On Deals Extra Internet Quota from 1st October until 30th November 2021 are eligible for extra 5GB for 12 months. 

Promo Eligibility 

This promo is eligible for any of the subscribers that performs any of the following during the promotion period: 

  • All subscribers who sign up for a new/port-in/pre2pos Postpaid 40 with the Add-On Deals Extra Internet Quota, or 
  • Existing Postpaid subscribers who perform change of plan to Postpaid 40 with the Add-On Deals Extra Internet Quota, or 
  • Existing Digi Postpaid 40 SIM Only subscribers opt in for the Add-On Deals Extra Internet Quota  

However, if you are Existing Digi Postpaid 40 subscribers with the Add-On Deals Extra Internet Quota, you are not eligible for this promotion. 

Change of Plan conditions 

Upon receiving the extra 5GB, you must maintain your Postpaid 40 line on active status with the contract. However, if you choose to change your plan or terminating the Add-On Deals Extra Internet Quota contract, your extra 5GB will be forfeited and you will no longer enjoy the extra 5GB for the remaining duration of the 12 months. 

Quota Granting and Internet Deduction Priority 

Your extra 5GB quota will be automatically granted every month as part of your Add-On Deals Extra Internet Quota bucket. For information on the internet deduction priority please visit https://help.digi.com.my/en/support/solutions/articles/70000584437-internet-deduction-priority-for-digi-postpaid-plans  


Contract Termination and Penalty Information 

For more information on the contract termination and penalty related information, please visit https://help.digi.com.my/en/support/solutions/articles/70000586035-add-on-deals-termination-penalty-and-penalty-waiver  

Quota benefit after 12 months 

All the eligible subscribers will enjoy the extra 5GB quota for 12 months. By the end of the 12 months, your quota will be reverted to the initial quota value depending on your postpaid plans’ quota entitlement. For more information on the postpaid plans’ quota entitlement, please visit https://www.digi.com.my/postpaid 

Do look out for more great deals in MyDigi’s Box of Surprise or your SMS inbox as your contract approaches expiry!