*Update as of 7.00PM, 6 Nov 2021

If you are experiencing Internet connectivity issues since 26 October 2021, you may need to restart your phone / device in order to get reconnected to the Digi network. Please restart your phone / device first, and try to access the Internet again.  

On some phones / devices, you may also do this by turning on “flight mode” to disconnect from the Digi network, waiting for 5 seconds, and then turning off “flight mode” in order to reconnect to the Digi network.  

The Digi team has been progressively resolving the intermittent experience issues for affected customers in the last 24 hours, and have rolled out fixes for a majority of customers since of 7am, 28 October 2021. Further efforts are in progress throughout today to ensure that all customers will get a stable Internet experience. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and intermittent experience you may be facing.