The PhoneFreedom 365 program comes with a 24-month contract. Hence, as per contract terms, if you cancel or terminate your line or phone was lost/ stolen before completing the minimum 24 months’ instalment period, you will need to pay a Termination Fee, which is the remaining device balance price equivalent to [(RRP-Advance payment)/24) x remaining months + admin fee]. Once you have paid the termination fee, you may then sign up for a new device with Digi PhoneFreedom 365.  

However, if you choose to upgrade to a higher value plan before the end of your 24-month contract, penalty charges will not apply, and your contract tenure will continue from the period of your upgrade. Furthermore, you will continue to pay the same device price as you were paying prior to the upgrade.

If you want to downgrade to a lower value plan, you will need to pay the termination fee and sign up for a new device contract as mentioned above.  

If any of the contract Terms and Conditions are breached such as failure to make the instalment payments, Digi has the right to block your device IMEI.