PhoneFreedom 365 sign up is restricted to 1 (one) Customer with a valid original NRIC for up to maximum 3 (three) registration only based on the principal rate plan eligibility as per below: 

Principal Line 

Digi Postpaid 60DS 

Digi Postpaid 90DS 

Digi Postpaid 120DS 

Digi Postpaid 150DS 

PhoneFreedom 365 Eligibility 





Including PhoneFreedom365 Principal and Family lines 

0 Upfront device advance payment is available to only eligible customers based on a set of criteria determined by Digi (customer eligibility is updated periodically). For now, the only way to check your eligibility is to walk into the nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express or contact our customer service. 

In the case that you are eligible for a 0 upfront device advance payment, you must sign up for auto-billing using a first party credit card. Third party credit cards are not allowed. 

PhoneFreedom365 customers cannot sign up for another add-on deal be it another SIM or device contracting on the same MSISDN.