Why Switch to Digi? 

1. You still get to keep your existing mobile number, from any mobile service provider. 

2. You will get a Free SIM with Free Delivery. 

3. Enjoy a wide range of Postpaid and Prepaid Deals, Phone Bundles and Add-Ons Digi has to offer. 

4. Enjoy exciting Promotions and Rewards, exclusive to Digi Customers. 


Need help Switching to Digi? 

After receiving your new Digi SIM, don’t throw away your old SIM just yet! 


Follow these simple steps to successfully switch to Digi. 


Step 1:  

Keep your old SIM in your phone and look out for the network switching confirmation SMS from your current mobile service provider. 


Step 2: 

Reply and accept the network switching confirmation SMS to confirm your port-in to Digi.  

Step 3: 

Wait for your number to be released. In the meantime, keep your line active. 

(Note: For prepaid, top up the minimum balance amount, if required.) 


Step 4: 

Once that is successful, you can now switch to your new Digi SIM. 


Switching your Supplementary Lines to Digi 

Follow these simple steps to switch your Supplementary Lines to Digi. 


Step 1: 

Get your postpaid bill and find out all the mobile numbers of your supplementary lines from the bill. You can either do this online, or simply check your latest bill statement.  


Step 2: 

Choose a Digi plan and select "Switch to Digi" below the plan to port in your principal and supplementary lines together. 


Step 3: 

You can add your supplementary lines to your new Digi plan, during the checkout process. 


Step 4: 

Complete your checkout and wait for your new Digi SIM(s) to arrive at your doorstep. 


If your switch to Digi request is rejected, submit an enquiry here, or call us at 016-211 1800.