Pakej PowerJimat is one of our offerings amongst our wide range of device ownership program. With Pakej PowerJimat, you can enjoy devices at a discounted price compared to the device recommended retail price (RRP). All you need to do is paying for device with minimum guaranteed savings of RM240 on your devices. As part of the Pakej PowerJimat, you are required to sign up for a Digi Postpaid 60 plan with 12 months contract. 

Available Activations Type 

This offer is applicable to new line registrations, port-ins, Prepaid to Postpaid conversions and existing Postpaid change of plan. All new and existing Digi Postpaid subscribers are eligible to sign up for 1 (one) Pakej PowerJimat with Digi under your NRIC. 

For non-Malaysian customers, a deposit of RM500 is applicable. 

Plan Advance Payment 

A plan advance payment (equivalent to your one month’s plan rate) for new registrations or if you are existing subscribers with tenure < 6 months, which will be fully credited back in your first month bill.  

Channels to Sign Up for Pakej PowerJimat

You can sign the normal contract at any participating Digi Store, Digi Store Express, Digi Dealer or Digi Online Stores.  

Click Here to find out more on the list of the devices available for Pakej PowerJimat.