Device advance payment for the Pakej PowerJimat refers to an upfront payment that you need to make before signing up for the program, which will be refunded back into your bill over a period of 12 months. 

Device advance payment is applicable for new customers and existing Digi customers with tenure less than 12 months. Existing Digi customers with tenure more than 12 months are eligible for Device advance payment waiver. 

If you are required to pay for a device advance payment, depending on your selection of the device, your device advance payment may range from RM60, RM120 or RM180. Following are the refund amount that you will receive in the following monthly postpaid bill for 12 months: 

Advance Payment Amount 

Refunded Amount  


RM5 x 12 months 


RM10 x 12 months 


RM15 x 12 months