Should you terminate your Pakej PowerJimat contract within the pre-determined contract period, an early termination fee is applicable. 

If you choose to upgrade to a plan of higher value before the end of your contract period, early termination fees will not apply. Your contract tenure will simply continue from the period of your upgrade. However, if you choose to downgrade to a plan of lower value, you will need to pay the early termination fee. 

If you breach any of the contract Terms and Conditions, such as failure to make monthly payments, Digi has the right to block your device IMEI.  

If you are already on Pakej PowerJimat, you are not allowed to sign up for any other contracts on the same line as you can only have one (1) contract per Digi line. 

The early termination fee value for all cancellations is as follows:

Pakej PowerJimat with Digi Postpaid 60: 

One-time fee of RM300 (inclusive of administration fee)

Pakej PowerJimat with Digi Postpaid 90:

[(RRP – Device Advance Payment)/ 24] * Remaining number of months left to contract expiry