Hi Subscribers,

Here is a List of Recent Scam Issues that we have noticed and identified to be Fraudulent.

If you are facing anything similar, do check out the appropriate articles to learn more.



12th August 2022
14th July 2022

27th January 2021

Phishing Email Alert from Pos Malaysia

21st January 2021

Fake 6-Digit Verification Codes Scam on WhatsApp

8th September 2020

Fake Digi Reload Scam Announcements on Facebook

16th March 2020

Fake Digi Rewards Program Scam

28th February 2020

Fake Digi Poll Scams

2nd February 2020

Fake iPhone 11 Pro Max + Digi Postpaid Plan Scam Announcements on Facebook 

2nd February 2020

Fake Digi Survey Contest Scam

16th August 2019

Fake RM30 Scam Announcement on Facebook

11th April 2019

Wangiri the "Missed Call" Scam

1st February 2019

Fake Samsung (Malaysia) Galaxy S9 Credit Card Scam 

1st March 2019

Foreign Number WhatsApp Scam

23rd January 2019

Fake Donation Scam on Digi Community Site

26th December 2018

Fake Digi Referral Number and Link to a Website Scam on WhatsApp

23rd December 2018

Fake Digi Survey Rewards Scam

28th August 2018

20th March 2018

Fake Digi Contests Scam

13th October 2017

Beware of Suspicious Callers/ Check for Fraudulent Phone Numbers

24th  August 2017

Fake Digi Menang Bersama Contest Scam

21st August 2017

CodaPay Direct Billing Scam

To make a report, reach out to us on Digi website.


  • If you encounter a Scam Issue, DO NOT Reply or Respond to the scammer.
  • DO NOT tell anyone your Personal Information, especially potential scammers on the internet.

Rest assured that Digi is actively taking measures to ensure our customers do not fall prey to such scams.