“Wangiri Calls” is a widespread method of generating short calls and leaving a missed call notification on the display of peoples’ handsets. A fraudster will set up a computer to dial a large number of phone numbers at random. Each one rings just once and then hangs up.

(The word “Wangiri” stands for the Japanese term “one ring and cut”. This incident has apparently originated in Japan.)

The purpose of “Wangiri Calls” is to get people to call back to the number displayed on the phone screen. People often see the missed call and believe that a legitimate call was cut off, or are simply curious as to who called, so they dial the missed number. The number turns out to be a Premium Rate Number and does anything from advertising to “free prizes” or sex services. 

Wangiri Fraud is often extended by keeping people on the call as long as possible. This scheme relies on this single ring method for a quick way to make money. The fraudster receives the revenue and the caller is charged an exorbitant rate for the call.

4 things to keep in mind:

1. Avoid calling back on an international missed call.

2. Immediately Disconnect, in case you call back on an international premium rate number.

3. Do NOT share Personal Details.

4. Follow-Up with your operator, primarily by providing details of the number who called you.

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