We are always improving the MyDigi App with the Latest Features and/or Enhancements, so be sure to update or install its Latest Version.

You can also read more on the Latest Features/ Enhancements here.


  • All users on the MyDigi App Version 8.0 and above must sign-up again.
    • This is a new process provided by Digi to ensure a safer account management and stronger security. 

  • Existing Users using Connect ID will also be required to sign-up again.

Please Note that 

  • Connect ID and the Latest MyDigi App (V8.0 and above) are Different Logins.
    • Subscribers looking to login to MyDigi via Website will still be required to use the old Connect ID login. 
  • Ensure that you have entered the Correct Password with your New Account. You have 5 Tries to enter your password before your Account is Locked. 

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to sign into your MyDigi App:

Step 1: Launch the MyDigi App.

Step 2: Enter your Mobile Number and Tap on "Continue" to login.

Step 3: Enter your One-Time PIN (OTP) for Verification and Tap "Done".

Step 4: Once you have logged in successfully, you will land on the MyDigi Homepage.

It's really that simple! Now, you are ready to explore the MyDigi App. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I have to sign up again?

We are using a New Login System for the Latest MyDigi App (V8.0 and above). As such, all users will be required to sign up again.

2. Why can't I login with my existing account?

Previous Logins were made through Connect ID. As we have migrated to a New Login System, the Latest MyDigi App (V8.0 and above) will no longer use Connect ID. Hence, Existing Users with Connect ID Logins will NOT be able to use their Connect ID to login.

3. How do I access the MyDigi Web Version?

The MyDigi Web Version can still be accessed via Connect ID for now. Only the login for the Latest MyDigi App (V8.0 and above) will have a New Login System.

4. I can't sign into the MyDigi app after updating. What do I do?

All users must sign up after updating their MyDigi Apps to the Latest Versions (V8.0 and above). Follow the Guide above to sign-up and secure your MyDigi Account.

If you are receiving Error Messages while trying to sign in, you can reset your password at the Login Screen. Click on the "Forgot Password" link. You will be required to key in your Email Address, followed by the Mobile Number registered with your email address. 

You will see an option to Send TAC via Mobile or Email. This is to prove your ownership of the account before you are given the option to reset your password. 

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