Step 1 - Walk into your Nearest Digi Store/ Digi Store Express.

Step 2 - You will be required to download the Digi Trade-In App. Once downloaded, launch the app.

Step 3 - Our Digi Staff will input a unique QR Code or Numeric Code in the Digi Trade-In App.

Step 4 - A diagnostic of the device will be done by a Digi Staff to ensure Hardware, Scratches, Cracks and Conditions are validated accordingly, at your presence.

Step 5 - Once the Diagnostic has been completed, the Final Amount will be displayed to you, so that you can confirm to either proceed with the Trade-In or not. If you: -

  • Agree with the Return Value, you will have to input your details (which includes Bank Account Number) onto the App and submit.

  • Do Not Agree with the Return Value, you can always choose to opt out.

Step 6 - You will receive the Trade-In Return Value via Bank Transfer, within 7 working days. The Bank Transfer will be done by the Compasia Company.

Once the Trade-In has been completed, please note: -

  1. The Devices can no longer be returned.

  2. No form of Rebates will be given to customers' Existing Postpaid Bill or Device Contract for Trade-In.