Promo Background 

Exclusively for Juara Internet 2022 campaign, we are offering customers additional FREE 10GB x 12 months on top of their base quota when signing up on Broadband 65 or Broadband 105.  

Promo Eligibility 

This offer is applicable for both Digi and Non-Digi subscribers. No contract sign-up is required with this offer. However, termination of the Broadband 65 or 105 line before 12 months will result in the forfeiture of any remaining additional quota from this Juara Internet 2022 promo.

All Mobile Broadband quota excludes usage of VOIP / OTT calls; you will need to purchase a VOIP pass to make VOIP / OTT Call. This promo is strictly as a SIM only plan and should not be enjoyed together with the device contract. 

How to Purchase? 

You may sign up this offer by visiting your nearest Digi Store/ Digi Store Express/ Digi Dealers or visit the Digi Store Online.  

Online Store Sign-Up: 

1. Visit our Digi Mobile Broadband page.

2. Choose your preferred plan and click on “Get your Plan” button.

3. Submit your personal details.

4. Choose your preferred number and click “Proceed”.

5. Ensure your details are correctly submitted. Click “Checkout”.

For further information, please visit the main "Digi Mobile Broadband" FAQ page.