Promo Background 

For the 12.12 Digi sale, you can get a Digi Postpaid Family 45 line at an exclusive RM12 off for 12 months. This promo is valid beginning 9 December 2021 (12:00PM) till 15 December 2021 (11:59PM). Pay only RM33/month (normal price RM45/month) for a Family 45 line for the first 12 months. To make this deal even sweeter for year-end, this offer does not come with any contractual obligations!

Promo Eligibility 

Only subscribers with a Principal line on the latest Digi Postpaid 90 plan and above (via all types of registration), who sign up for a Digi Postpaid Family 45 line via Digi Store Online during the 12.12 Digi Sale are eligible for this promo.  

Each eligible Principal Postpaid line can sign up for up to six (6) Digi Postpaid Family 45 lines (calculated in combination with other eligible supplementary lines under the same Principal line).  

If multiple Digi Postpaid Family 45 lines are signed up during the promo period, all lines will be eligible for the discount. 

If you are currently on an older Postpaid plan, you need to change your current Principal plan to the latest Digi Postpaid 90 and above. If you are currently on a Digi Postpaid 40/60 plan, you can upgrade to a Digi Postpaid 90 plan or higher and then add a Digi Postpaid Family 45 line online to enjoy this promo.

How To Purchase 

This offer is available exclusively at Digi Store Online. Once you are on an eligible Digi Postpaid principal plan, you can follow the steps below to enjoy this promo:

  1. Visit Digi Store Online. 
  2. Go to Postpaid > Postpaid Family.
  3. Scroll to “Family Postpaid Plans” section and click ‘Add a Family Line. 
  4. Enter your existing Digi mobile number (Digi Postpaid Principal line only) and click ‘Proceed’.
  5. Enter NRIC and click ‘Get TAC’.
  6. Enter TAC and click ‘Proceed’.
  7. Select the Digi Postpaid Family 45 plan and your preferred Supplementary Line Number.
  8. Click ‘Proceed’ and proceed to make payment. 

You will be required to pay a 1-Month advance payment during checkout which will be rebated across 12 months in your postpaid bill.