Product Overview:

Digi Mobile Broadband is the SIM plan for those who need high speed data. Digi Mobile Broadband plan can also be your internet plan in the event your address is not within fibre coverage. Stream and share your internet without worry from any of your devices be it with your personal hotspot or with our MobiFi, portable router and any of your devices.

Digi Postpaid customers with commitment value of RM60 and above or a holder of Broadband 65 or Broadband 105 principal line will enjoy a lifetime rebate of RM10/month if you sign up to a Mobile Broadband supplementary line.  

Effective Date: 1 Dec 2021 - current

Offer ID: Mobile Broadband Monthly 45 (285012), Broadband Monthly 65 (167033), Broadband Monthly 105 (167034)

Product Details

1. What are the details of this product?

Broadband 45

Broadband 65

Broadband 105

Monthly commitment




Internet Quota




Additional benefit

Lifetime rebate of RM10/mth when combined with Digi Postpaid 60 and above

Nett monthly commitment after rebate




For even more value, subscribers can also choose to pair the Digi Mobile Broadband plans with either of these add-ons, subject to a 12-month contract:

Broadband 45

Broadband 65

Broadband 105

Option 1: Internet Add-On

Eligible plans

Additional payment


Extra GB/month




Option 2: Device Add-On: Mobifi Huawei E5577 – 321 (LTE) worth RM299. Supports 4G LTE up to 150Mbps.

Eligible plans


One-time device payment



Advance device payment


(RM5 monthly rebate x 12 months)

2. Can I purchase more internet if I run out of quota?

Yes, In the event that you have exhausted your quota, you may buy Internet Top Up on MyDigi App, Digi Store Online or via UMB short code at *128#. All internet top-ups are valid for 30 days. See the table below on the quota top-up offering.

Internet Top-Ups





Broadband 45



Broadband 65




Broadband 105



3. Will my internet quota rollover if I don’t finish it?

No, the internet quota will be refreshed at the beginning of every billing cycle.

4. Can I make VoIP calls?

Our Mobile Broadband plans do not cater for VoIP calls. However, you may add-on Internet Top-ups that allow you to make VoIP calls. The VoIP add-on is RM5 for 10GB VoIP, valid for 30 days, and provides VOIP Services on the following partners, though not limited to: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, WeChat, Line, Google Hangouts, Kakao Talk, GrooVe IP, Skype, Viber.

5. What is the credit limit?

The default credit limit varies between the plans and whether it is a principal or supplementary mobile broadband plan. See table below for details.

Credit Limit based on Line type

Principal Line

Supplementary Line

Broadband 45



Broadband 65



Broadband 105



If you’ve hit your credit limit, your line will be barred, and you will need to pay the outstanding bill before you can access the Internet again.

6. What devices can I use this mobile broadband plan with?

Your Mobile Broadband SIM can be used with a variety of devices such as MobiFi, 4G Router, or a tablet. You can even plug it in in your smart devices such as smart camera, alarms, and Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers. 

Note that Digi technical support is limited to connectivity coverage and Access Point Network Configuration only. Please contact your supplier or manufacturer should you require technical support on devices not supplied by Digi.

Fees & Payment

1. How much do I need to pay? 

All new mobile broadband plans require 1 month advance payment, which will be rebated in the first bill.

If you choose the Device Add-on, you will also be required to make a one-time device payment as well as advance device payment. Please see table in Question 1 for details.

Non-Malaysians will be required to make a RM500 deposit upon registration, which will be refunded upon termination of the postpaid line. 

For Existing Users

1. I already have a Digi Mobile Broadband base plan, can I sign up for Internet Add-On, or Device Add-On at a later time? 

Yes, you can add-on Internet or Device at any time after your initial subscription. 

2. Can I subscribe to Digi Mobile Broadband as a supplementary line? 

Yes, if you are subscribed to Digi Postpaid 60 and above, or Mobile Broadband 65 and above, you can add any Digi Mobile Broadband plan as a supplementary line.  As a matter of fact, you will enjoy a lifetime rebate of RM10 per month!

3. Can I upgrade or downgrade my mobile broadband plan?

If you’re on a contract plan, you can upgrade your broadband plan anytime. No advance payment is required for change of plans. Upon upgrading, your bill will be prorated based on previous and current usage.

Downgrading of plans is not allowed if you’re on a contract plan. If you choose to terminate within the contract tenure, a penalty will be imposed, with the charges as below:

Penalty fee based on Contract Type

SIM contract

Device contract

Broadband 45 , 65, 105



(Not applicable to Broadband 45 as the plan does not allow for device add-on)

To change your plan, you can call Customer Service hotline at 016 2211800 or visit Digi outlets or authorized dealer stores.

If you are not on a contract plan, you would need to terminate your existing plan to change it to another plan. No penalty fees will be imposed. 

4. Can I transfer ownership of my Digi Mobile Broadband?

Yes. You may request for transfer of ownership at Digi Store with the required documents. Both existing and new owner must be present. Transfer of ownership can only be done in a Digi Store.  

You are required to settle outstanding charges before transfer ownership takes place. Any existing rebates, services or benefits will be terminated except International Roaming as those offers are eligible only for existing owners. 

If you have an active contract on the broadband line, transfer of ownership will trigger for early contract termination, and you will be required to pay the penalty charge before you can perform transfer of ownership. 

In the event that transfer of ownership is due to a demised owner, the transferee must produce the original death certificate for sighting and submission of a death certificate photocopy or letter of Administrator (court letter).

Signing Up

1. Where can I sign up for Digi Mobile Broadband?

You can either walk to our nearest Digi Store, Digi Store Express, Digi Dealers or go to Digi Store Online to sign up. Do note that registration for supplementary lines can only be done at Digi Store, Digi Store Express and Digi Dealers.