1. All Digi customers have the right to withdraw their consent for direct marketing purposes (“opt-out”).

2. Go to MyDigi App or MyDigi Web to self-serve.

  • App: Select Menu -> Settings -> Communications 


  • Web: Select Account -> Communications 

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  • Update Marketing Preference to continue/ stop receiving Promotional Messages about Digi or Digi Partner’s Products & Services 

3. If you do not have a MyDigi Account, you can contact us to update your Marketing Preference.

4. In the case of Unsuccessful opt-in/ opt-out on MyDigi, you can try again, or contact us for help. 

5. A few important things to note upon successful opt-out:

  • You will not be notified via SMS or email on any promotions, exclusive offers, loyalty and benefits about Digi products & services,
  • You will not be notified via SMS or email on any promotions about Digi partner’s products & services,
  • You will continue to see current offers and promotions on MyDigi App and MyDigi Web,
  • You will continue to receive account-related notifications from Digi, such as internet quota information, bill payment reminders, and service disruption messages.