Quota balance can be viewed using the MyDigi App, MyDigi Web or via UMB. 


When your mobile internet is being used, 100MB of your data is reserved automatically to ensure a seamless internet experience. 


This ensures you enjoy your mobile internet experience without interruptions.


Your quota is always in your account and deducted only according to your usage. You will be able to see the total data when it is fully utilized.


Alternatively, you can always check your quota balance including the reserved data, at any time using the following methods. 


For MyDigi App Method using WIFI:

  1. Turn ON airplane mode 
  2. Turn ON WIFI 
  3. Check quota balance in MyDigi app (under usage)

For MyDigi Web Method:

  1. Turn ON airplane mode on your device
  2. Log in to MyDigi web from your desktop/laptop to check your balance (please ensure your desktop/laptop is connected to the internet without using your device hotspot)

For UMB Method:

  1. Turn ON airplane mode 
  2. Turn OFF airplane mode
  3. Turn OFF mobile data
  4. Immediately check UMB balance via *200*1*1#