Digi AirSIM Number Share is a service that allows you to share your mobile number with both your smartphone and smartwatch. At only RM10/month, you can make and receive domestic calls as well as connect to the Internet from your smartwatch, using the same Digi Postpaid mobile number. Digi AirSIM Number Share can be used in Digi 4G LTE coverage areas.  

1. Who is eligible to sign-up for Digi AirSIM? 

The Digi AirSIM Number Share Service is available to customers who are on mass Digi Postpaid plans. This is applicable to both principal and supplementary lines. You will need a compatible smartphone and smartwatch to use the service. To subscribe and/or use Digi AirSIM Number Share service, your account must be active with no overdue amount.

To enjoy Digi AirSIM Number Share, you need to: 

1. Ensure you have a compatible iPhone & Apple Watch with the correct operating system installed (iOS 13.2 and WatchOS 6.1), or compatible Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and Watch (LTE).

2. Check if you are on an eligible Digi Postpaid rate plan.

3. Turn on VoLTE (Refer here).

4. Ensure that you do not have any unpaid bills on your Digi Postpaid account.  

2. What are the devices supported by Digi AirSIM? 

Digi AirSIM can be paired with:  

  • Apple Watch Series SE / Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) or later 

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 (LTE) or later   

A minimum of Watch OS 6.1 (Apple device) needs to be installed in these devices. All these devices need to be supported by Vo-LTE. More devices will be made available in the future.   
Once you have paired your smartwatch to your smartphone, the option to sign up for Digi AirSIM Number Share will be available via the Watch App on your smartphone. 


3. How much do I have to pay for the Digi AirSIM? 

The Digi AirSIM Number Share service is available for RM10 per month.  


4. How to set-up the Digi AirSIM? 

To learn how to subscribe to Digi AirSIM Number Share service, you may refer here


5. Can I unsubscribe / re-subscribe / suspend my Digi AirSIM? 

You will need to walk-in to a Digi Store to unsubscribe or re-subscribe to a Digi AirSIM Number Share service. If you suspend your Digi Postpaid line voluntarily while having a Digi AirSIM Number Share service, only the primary line (i.e the phone) will be temporarily suspended. Digi AirSIM Number Share service is not suspended. If you would like to suspend both your Digi Postpaid line and the accompanying Digi AirSIM Number Share service, kindly call Digi Customer Service.

Please take note that should you choose to transfer ownership your line to someone or convert to a Prepaid line, you will need to unsubscribe the Digi AirSIM Number Share service before you can proceed.  


6. What are other supplementary services supported by the AirSIM?

Call Forwarding Unconditional (primary), Call Waiting & Call Hold are all supported with Digi AirSIM Number Share. CallerTunes, Digi IDD passes & Digi Roaming passes are not supported. If you are a subscriber of CallerTunes, we will automatically unsubscribe the service within 48 hours of activating your AirSIM Number Share. Once completed, you will receive a termination SMS. 


7.  How can I track my Digi AirSIM usage and charges? 

Digi AirSIM Number Share will appear on your bill as a “Secondary SIM”. Domestic voice and data are covered under the standard Digi AirSIM Number Share service based on your primary Digi Postpaid plan. However, if you make a call directly from your Apple Watch to an overseas number, the standard International Direct Dial charging rates will apply as per the country rate published here. Standard charges apply for usage of voice, SMS, and data as these are not included in the standard Digi AirSIM Number Share service. 


8.  Can I pick up a call on both of my devices? 

Please note that with Digi AirSIM Number Share, you may attempt to pick up calls on either of your devices; however, the call will only get connected on one device. Therefore, when you accept a call on the phone, you cannot listen in on the conversation from the watch, and vice versa. Additionally, a watch cannot end a conversation picked up on the phone and vice versa.