Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Self-Registration?

Self-serve registration allows customers to perform end-to-end registration of SIM cards from validation to activation stage. Through the self-serve registration journey, customers will be able to register their purchased SIM card and perform ID and selfie validation via a mobile web browser and by using the camera on their mobile devices.  

2. Are there any requirements to self-register the Prepaid Number?

Yes. The following are the requirements:

  • You must be aged 12 and above. 
  • You must have less than 5 Prepaid SIM Cards registered to your ID.  
  • You must prepare either of the following Valid IDs:
    • For Malaysians, you can use the Malaysian Identity Card (MyKad), MyKas, MyTentera, or MyPR.
    • For Malaysian Permanent Residents (PR) and other nationalities, please use your Passport.
  • You must be connected to the Internet to perform the registration, either over Wi-Fi or hotspot/ mobile data.  
  • You must have a working camera on your device to be used for the registration.  

3. What are the steps involved to complete the Digi self-registration process?

Get a device (mobile phone/ tablet) with an internet connection. Prepare your ID and SIM Pack, and ensure you are in a room with good lighting. 

Step 1: Scan the QR Code at the back of the SIM Pack to access the SIM Registration Page.

Step 2: Upon reaching the SIM Registration Page, scan the barcode on the SIM Pack.

Step 3: Upon successful verification, scan your ID.

Step 4: Upon successful ID verification, perform a facial recognition selfie.

Step 5: You will be redirected to the completion screen.

Step 6: You may proceed to insert the SIM Card into your device and wait for 2 to 5 minutes to receive a SIM Activation SMS.

4. What are the documents needed to complete the self-registration process? Do I need a valid and original document to proceed with the self-registration process?

Yes, only a valid and original document is allowed to proceed with the registration process.  

  • Malaysian Identity Card (MyKad)
  • Passport
  • MyKas ID
  • MyTentera ID
  • MyPR ID 

5. Can I amend and/or correct any details after scanning the barcode, ID, and face (via selfie) and completing the self-registration process? For example, change in name/ address?

  • No, customers are not able to make manual modifications to their details once scanned. However, you can re-scan your ID should the information scanned prior is incorrect.
  • For passport users, you will have to manually key in your local address.  

6. What are the possible errors I might face during self-registration?

Unexpected Error Scenario

What to do

SIM Barcode has already existed in the system. 

The SIM Card you are trying to scan has already been registered before this. Please contact our Digi Customer Service at 016 221 1800 for further assistance.

The information/ details scanned from my ID do not match my ID. 

Proceed to re-scan the ID to ensure that the correct details were scanned.

Face Recognition failed.

Go to a well-lit area and re-do the face recognition selfie.

The eligibility check fails. The message on the screen reads: “We are unable to proceed with your request.”

Please contact our Digi Customer Service at 016 221 1800 for further assistance.

7. What can I do to get further assistance on self-registration?

You may contact our Customer Service representative at 016 221 1800 for assistance.  

8. What should I do if I exhausted all of my retries attempts?

Please restart the eKYC/ self-registration process.

9. What happens if my ID is damaged in one of the following scenarios?

  • Damaged MyKad chip.
  • Damaged laminated plastic layer.
  • MyKad appears to be faded.
  • Damaged Passport.

The system will not be able to capture the details accurately if your ID is damaged. Please contact our Digi Customer Service at 016 221 1800 for further assistance. Our Customer Service representatives will then advise if you will need to walk into any Digi Stores to activate your SIM. But, do not worry! Our friendly Digi Buddy will assist you with that.

10. Can I scan the picture or a photocopy of my ID?

No, you are required to use the original copy of the ID to complete the document verification process.

11. Can I take an image of another person or through a screen?

No, the verification process must be performed by the individual as a real-time image is mandatory when performing the facial recognition verification. 

12. What should I do if my captured image is unclear/ blurry?

Please take note of the following when capturing an image of your ID:

  • Avoid glare or reflection when capturing the image.
  • Ensure your image is taken in a brightly lit environment.
  • Ensure that your ID fits into the allocated frame.
  • Please do not cover or block your ID details when capturing the image. 

13. What should I do if I failed the facial recognition/ selfie?

Please take note of the following when capturing your selfie:

  • Ensure you are capturing your selfie in a brightly lit environment.
  • Ensure your face fits within the allocated frame. Avoid tilting your head.
  • Please do not cover your face when capturing your selfie.
  • Avoid multiple faces within the frame. Ensure that you [alone] should be seen in the image. 

14. What should I do if the SIM Card is faulty/ not able to be detected?

Please walk into your Nearest Digi Store or Digi Kiosk and perform a SIM Replacement.