Promo Background 

Enjoy RM240 Rebate when you sign up to one of Digi Fibre Plan below:

  • Digi Fibre 150
  • Digi Fibre 190
  • Digi Fibre 270
  • Digi Fibre 290  

The rebate will be granted to your Digi Fibre Line in the form of a RM20 Rebate Monthly for 12 Months. 

Promo Eligibility 

You must sign up the Digi Fibre Line at the Digi Store Online. Between 10 February 2022 to 28 February 2022, the installation of the Digi Fibre Line must be completed latest by 31 March 2022, in order to enjoy the rebate.

This is how the rebate will be displayed on your Fibre Bill.

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Note: In the event of any Termination of your Digi Fibre, your rebate will be forfeited. You also will be forfeiting the rebate if you perform Change of Plans (COP) to other Non-Eligible Digi Fibre Plan.