If you're Porting-In from Other Telcos

  1. Before you insert your new SIM, ensure that you have received a Port Out confirmation SMS from your current telco.
  2. Reply SMS to confirm your port out request from the current telco, please ensure you reply the SMS as per the format required by the current telco.
  3. Keep your current telco's SIM in your phone until you lose connection.
  4. Once you have lost connection to your current telco, insert your new Digi SIM and enjoy our services!

If you still need assistance, please get in touch with Digi Customer Service at 016 221 1800, email us, or drop us a note at Facebook or Twitter. We’re here to help!

For Postpaid Users

Phone Bundles/ Device Purchases: If your purchase of a plan includes a device, your device will be delivered to you on the 2nd delivery trip (provided you have no port-in problems).

Supplementary Lines: If you have supplementary lines that are porting in to Digi as well, make sure the old SIM cards are in the phones to receive the network confirmation switching SMS from your old telco. Once again, reply and accept the network switching confirmation SMS to complete the port-in process to Digi.

If you have an issue with the port-in request, you may refer to this article for further information.

If you're Activating a New Number

If you’ve signed up for a new Prepaid or Postpaid number via Digi Store Online, the new SIM will be automatically activated within 1 hour after successful delivery of the SIM to you.  

However, you may also perform self-activation by clicking on this link. Please ensure that the SIM has been delivered to you before performing self-activation.

For postpaid subscribers with multiple lines: input the order ID and choose any one of the SIM serial numbers for activation of all lines.