Product Overview:

Digi Freedom Add-Ons are additional services you can enjoy for more value to power up your Postpaid Plans by simply contracting your postpaid line for 12 months. You can choose the add-ons that matter most to you; from extra Internet quota, digital service rebates, roaming services or even Unlimited high-speed Internet for you to enjoy social media, your favourite games and movies. 

The Freedom Add-Ons vary for each of the Postpaid Principal & Family plans, so you need to choose according to your respective Digi Postpaid Plans.

Effective Date: 1 Mar 2022  - current

Offer ID: 

90010033 - RM0-Unlimited Social (IG, FB, TikTok, Twitter) x 12 months

90010034 - RM0-Unlimited Gaming (RDY Game Partners)  x 12 months

90010035 - RM0-Unlimited Streaming (YouTube&Netflix) x 12 months

Product Details

1. What are the details of this product?  


The table below represents the eligibility of the Digi Postpaid principal plans to subscribe to the different Freedom Add-ons.

Freedom Add-Ons (Recurring 12 months with contract)
Digi Postpaid 40 
Digi Postpaid 60 
Digi Postpaid 90 
Digi Postpaid 120 
Digi Postpaid 150
Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited 
Extra Internet Quota





Unlimited Quota & Hotspot 

FREE Unlimited GB + Hotspot 

Unlimited Social 

Digital Service Rebate2 





Roam Like Home 

Unlimited Gaming3 

Unlimited Streaming4 

1Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter

2Spotify Premium & YouTube Premium 

3RDY Game Partners 

4YouTube & Netflix 



The table below represents the eligibility of the Digi Postpaid Family plans to subscribe to the different Freedom Add-Ons  

Freedom Add-Ons (Recurring 12 months with contract)Family 20Family 30 Family 45

Family 45  

Unlimited (with Postpaid Family Unlimited) 

Extra Internet Quota 



Unlimited Social (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter)* 

*Unlimited Social Freedom Add-Ons for Family Plans will only be available on 7th March 2022. 

2. Is this for Prepaid or Postpaid Plan subscribers?  

This is for all Digi Postpaid Principal & Family Plans subscribers.   


3. Will my internet quota rollover if I don’t finish it? 

No, your internet quota will be refreshed at the beginning of every billing cycle. 


4. Are there any contracts involved? 

Yes, you will have to subscribe for a 12-month Contract to enjoy the monthly additional services offered under Freedom Add-Ons for free. 


1.  Who can sign-up for the Freedom Add-ons?  

All Digi Subscribers on the new Postpaid Principal and Family Plans can sign up.  


2. How many Freedom Add-ons can I sign up for? 

Each Postpaid line may select any one (1) of the Freedom Add-Ons.  


3. Can I still sign up for Freedom Add-ons if I have active Contracts on my current postpaid line?  

Each subscriber is eligible for a maximum of four (4) active contracts per NRIC/Passport. The active contracts can be a combination of Devices Contracts and add-on deals as follows: 

  • PhoneFreedom 365 
  • Pakej Power Jimat 
  • Pakej Peranti Keluarga Malaysia 
  • Freedom Add-ons 


Please note that each eligible postpaid line may only have one (1) active contract at any point of time. 

4. What if I am a subscriber of one of your older selling Digi Postpaid Plans?  

 If you are a Digi Subscriber on the older selling plans, you are required to perform a change of plan to any of the new Digi Postpaid Plans in order to sign up for the Freedom Add-ons. 

Fees & Payment

1. How much do I need to pay monthly to enjoy the Freedom Add-ons?  

The various Freedom Add-ons are uniquely valued. If a price is indicated, you will need to pay that price on top of your monthly plan fee. If no price is indicated, it is free of charge, and you only need to pay your monthly plan fee - the Freedom Add-on will then be automatically renewed every month for the duration of your contract period. 

2. Can I purchase more internet if I run out of quota?  

Subject to eligibility of your rate plan, you may opt to purchase one-time Internet Top Ups from MyDigi app or web

3. Is there a fee if I terminate my contract before the end of the tenure? 

You will be charged a termination fee of RM30 if you terminate your contract or downgrade your Postpaid plan within the first 2 months of your contract period. If you upgrade to a higher rate plan, you can carry forward your contract without incurring any termination fees. 


However, you have to pay the termination fees if you want to cancel and replace your current contract with a new contract regardless of whether you upgrade, downgrade or maintain the same rate plan within the first 2 months.  

Signing Up

1. Where can I sign up for Digi Freedom Add-Ons? 

You can either walk to our nearest Digi Store, Digi Store Express or go to Digi Store Online to sign up.  

Other Info

1. Which Mobile Internet Quota will be utilized first?   

The internet consumption for Digi Postpaid Plans will be deducted in this sequence following the order of the internet quota, which will be consumed first to the last: 


1. Quota from any Promotional Freebies 

2. Quota from Unlimited Social/Streaming/Gaming Add-on with Contract (Monthly Recurring) 

3. Quota from All-access Internet Top-Up Add-On without Contract (One-Time Purchase) 

4. Quota from Hotspot  

5. Quota from All-access Internet Top-Up Add-On with Contract (Monthly Recurring) 

6. Quota from Internet Sharing 

7. Quota from Bundled All Day/ Base Internet