Product Overview:

Digi Pakej PowerJimat is an affordable Postpaid device bundle offered to new and existing Digi customers. As part of the program, customers are required to sign up for a Digi Postpaid contractual plan of 12-months or 24-months tenure. All devices offered are guaranteed original with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. With Digi Pakej PowerJimat, all devices are sold at guaranteed savings of at least RM240 from RRP. 

Effective Date: 1 Mar 2022  - current

Offer ID: Digi Postpaid 60 2021 (243294)Digi Postpaid 90 2021 (243252) 

Product Details

1. What are the details of this product?  

With the Digi Pakej PowerJimat, you may select from a wide range of devices and pair it with a Digi Postpaid contractual plan:  

Postpaid Plan 

Digi Postpaid 60 

Digi Postpaid 90 







Contract period 

12 months 

24 months  

2. Is this package for Prepaid or Postpaid Plan subscribers?  


Pakej PowerJimat is available on Postpaid plans only. 

3. Are there any contracts involved? 


Yes, you will need to commit to either a 12-month or 24-month contract.  


1.  Who can sign-up for the Pakej PowerJimat?  

The following customers are eligible to sign up for Pakej PowerJimat: 

- Digi Postpaid 60: New line registrations, Port-ins, Prepaid to Postpaid conversions, existing Postpaid subscribers (change of plan) 

- Digi Postpaid 90: New line registrations, Port-ins, Prepaid to Postpaid conversions 


2. How many Pakej PowerJimat can I sign up for?  

Digi Postpaid 60: You are eligible to sign up for one (1) Pakej PowerJimat contract per NRIC. 

Digi Postpaid 90: You are eligible to sign up for up to four (4) Pakej PowerJimat contracts per NRIC. 


3. If I’m a current Pakej PowerJimat subscriber, can I upgrade to a higher value plan or downgrade to a lower value plan from my current Digi Postpaid plan?  

Yes, you may choose to upgrade to a plan of higher value before the end of your contract period with no early termination fees charged. Your contract tenure will simply continue from the period of your upgrade. However, if you choose to downgrade to a plan of lower value, you will need to pay the early termination fee. 


4. Can I also add supplementary lines to my Pakej PowerJimat plan?  

Yes, you are eligible to sign up for up to 6 Digi Postpaid Family plans. Depending on your Digi Postpaid principal line plan, you may choose from the following Postpaid Family plans below: 

- Digi Postpaid Family 20 

- Digi Postpaid Family 30 

- Digi Postpaid Family 45 


Fees & Payment 

1. What are the device prices for Pakej PowerJimat?  

Digi Postpaid 60: Please refer to this for the latest Pakej PowerJimat device prices. 

Digi Postpaid 90: Please walk to your nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express for the latest device prices. 


2. What advance payments are required for the Pakej PowerJimat?  

 A plan advance payment (equivalent to your one month’s plan rate) is applicable for all new postpaid line registrations, port-ins, Prepaid to Postpaid conversions and existing subscribers with tenure less than 6 months. The advance payment amount will be fully credited back into your first month’s bill. 


Device advance payment is applicable for all new and existing Digi Postpaid customers with less than 12 months’ tenure. If you are required to pay a device advance payment, your payment amount will vary depending on your device selection. The device advance payment will be fully credited into your Digi Postpaid monthly bill throughout your contract period. Please refer to calculations below for the refund of advance payment:  

Device Advance  

Payment Amount 

Digi Postpaid 60 

Refund over  

12 months  

Digi Postpaid 90 

Refund over   

24 months 


RM5 per month  




RM3.75 per month  


RM10 per month  



RM15 per month  

RM7.50 per month  



RM11.25 per month  

3. Is there a fee if I terminate my contract before the end of the tenure? 

The following early termination fees are applicable for all terminations within the contract period: 

- Digi Postpaid 60: Flat fee of RM300 (inclusive of administration fee). 

- Digi Postpaid 90: ([RRP – Device Advance/ 24] * Remaining number of months left to contract expiry. 

Signing up

1. Where can I sign up for the Pakej PowerJimat? 

Digi Postpaid 60: You can either walk to our nearest Digi Store, Digi Store Express or go to Digi Store Online to sign up. 

- Digi Postpaid 90: You can either walk to our nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express to sign up.