Freedom Add-Ons Digital Service Rebates (Spotify Premium and YouTube Premium Subscription)  

With Digi Postpaid Freedom Add-Ons Digital Service Rebates, you may enjoy rebates on your postpaid bill for the next twelve (12) months by contracting your postpaid line for twelve (12) months. These digital service rebates can be used to deduct any of your Spotify Premium Subscription, YouTube Premium Subscription, Google Play Store, Apple App Store, EasyAdd or MyDigi Shop. All you have to do is opt-in for this Freedom Add-Ons and charge all these purchases to your postpaid bill.

Top Service Providers for Freedom Add-Ons Digital Service Rebates  

You can enjoy rebates on your postpaid bill from the top service providers listed here:  

App Stores 


Music / Podcast 



Apple App Stores 


Spotify Premium 



Google Play Stores 



Office 365 

Digi Shield 

Huawei App Stores 





















YouTube Premium 




Rebate Conditions  

The bill rebate value will be capped as per the entitlement according to your postpaid plans. For more details on your maximum bill rebate value, you may clickhere. If your bill does not capture the full thirty (30) days of the postpaid bill cycle, the rebate will be pro-rated according to the number of the days charged for your postpaid bill.

Depending on the following events, you may not enjoy the maximum rebate value or have to pay your purchases:

  1. If your total purchases are less than the maximum rebate value you are eligible for, your bill rebate will only be capped to the total value of your purchases.
  2. If your total purchases are more than the maximum rebate value you are eligible for, the remaining balance on your postpaid bill is payable for that billing cycle.  

Rebate Display on your Postpaid Bill  

Your Digital Service Rebate will be displayed in your postpaid bill shown below: 

Description automatically generated 

Contract Termination and Termination Fee Information  

For more information on the contract termination and penalty related information, please visit thisFAQ page.