All Freedom Add-Ons come with a 12-month contract period. Any changes done on the Postpaid line, which involve contract termination, will be subject to a termination fee of RM30 regardless of the remaining contract period.  

In the event of the Freedom Add-Ons termination, you will no longer enjoy the benefit from the Freedom Add-Ons. Neither will you be charged (if any) for the remaining Freedom Add-Ons contract duration that you have.  

If you wish to terminate your Freedom Add-Ons contract, submit a request here.

Events that will trigger Freedom Add-Ons Contract Termination and Termination Fee  

In addition to the subscribers' own will to terminate the Freedom Add-Ons contract, also listed below are the events that will require termination of your Freedom Add-Ons contract:

  • Line Termination
  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Port-Out
  • Change of Plan - Downgrading
  • Change of Plan - Postpaid to Prepaid  

Subscribers who perform Change of Plan – Upgrading   

If you perform a Change of Plan – Upgrading your Postpaid line with Freedom Add-On deals contract, you are not required to terminate your existing contract. Therefore, no termination fee will apply. However, the remaining contract duration and benefits of your current plans will be carried forward to your new plan.

You will not be able to enjoy the new Freedom Add-Ons available on your newly upgraded postpaid plans until you have completed the contract period of your original Freedom Add-on. However, if you wish to change the Freedom Add-Ons to the newly upgraded plans’ Freedom Add-Ons offer, you will be required to terminate the old contract, in which case a termination fee will be charged.

Termination Fee Waiver   

We understand that there are times when we need to adjust our plans due to changes in life. Therefore, we are offering you the flexibility in the form of a termination fee waiver. In order to enjoy the waiver, you must meet all the following criteria:

  • Digi Postpaid Subscriber with Active Digi Freedom Add-Ons 
    (Extra Internet Quota, Unlimited Quota & Hotspot, Unlimited Social, Digital Service Rebate, Roam Like Home, Unlimited Gaming, Unlimited Streaming only)
  • Minimum must be on the Third Month of the Freedom Add-Ons Contract
  • Maintaining or Upgrading the Postpaid Plan
  • Replacing with another Freedom Add-Ons Contract or Device Contract