With Digi Postpaid Freedom Add-Ons Unlimited Social, you may enjoy a monthly unlimited social quota on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter for free by contracting your postpaid line for twelve (12) months.

The unlimited social quota you enjoy varies depending on your postpaid plans.

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Quota Granting and Internet Deduction Priority  

Your unlimited social quota will automatically be granted every month for the next twelve (12) months.

For information on the Internet deduction priority please visit here.  

Quota Benefit after 12 months  

By the end of the twelve (12) months, your unlimited social quota will no longer be granted. If you wish to continue to enjoy the unlimited social quota, you may choose to opt-in for another 12-month contract with Freedom Add-Ons Unlimited Social. 

Do lookout for more great deals in MyDigi’s Box of Surprise or your SMS inbox as your contract approaches expiry!  

Contract Termination and Termination Fee Information  

For more information on the contract termination and penalty related information, please visit here.