1. What is the "The Grandest Galaxy S22 Giveaway" about?

In conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy S22 launch, Digi would like to reward our subscribers for their continuous support by having a free phones giveaway for all Digi subscribers to participate. 

2. What are the contest mechanics?

There is an unknown, fixed number of Samsung Galaxy S22 phone boxes placed inside a transparent glass box. The video and image of the glass box and Galaxy S22 phone boxes will be published here for view, and for participants to guess the correct number of phones boxes within the glass box. Participants will have to guess the correct number of Samsung Galaxy S22 phone boxes inside the glass box, and submit a creative slogan in order to stand a chance to win. The submission will be via SMS. There will be 22 winners in total. 

3. Where can I find details on The Grandest Galaxy S22 Giveaway?  

The Grandest Galaxy S22 Giveaway can be found here.  

4. When is the contest period?  

The Grandest Galaxy S22 Giveaway commences on 15 March 2022 and runs until 29 March 2022.  


5. Who is eligible to participate in the contest? 

All active Digi subscribers legally residing in Malaysia within the contest period as stipulated in The Grandest Galaxy S22 Giveaway Terms and Conditions. 


6. How do I participate in the contest?  

Participants will have to send in their answers via SMS to us. Please follow the below instructions to submit your answers:


7. Are there charges for sending the SMS?

Yes, the charges will be according to the SMS rates based on your Digi rate plan. 

8. What is my prize?  

All 22 winners will each take home a brand-new unit of Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (256GB). 

9. How will the winners be chosen? 

The winners will be chosen based on the correct answer, with the most creative slogan. Winners will be contacted starting 5 April 2022. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates here

10. How do I claim my prize? 

Winners will be notified about their win via phone call. Winners are required to provide Digi with their complete details within the relevant period as notified by Digi. The prizes will then be shipped to each winner via courier.