Here are a few steps you can do from your phone to ensure you can make and receive calls. 

Note: Do check via the Network Status Checker to ensure there are no service disruptions in your area before proceeding. Subsequent steps can be skipped once the issue is solved.

1. Check your account balance via the MyDigi app

  • If your postpaid line is barred due to unpaid bills, you can make payments via MyDigi, JomPAY or online banking.
  • If your prepaid line has insufficient balance, you can reload via MyDigi app.

2. Check the following and restart your phone.

  • Your device airplane/ flight mode is turned off.
  • You have either 2G, or 4G signals with VoLTE switched on to enjoy higher quality voice calls. Click here for more details on VoLTE.
  • If you’re travelling overseas, make sure that you have activated your roaming service.
    Check via MyDigi app > Settings > My Subscriptions > International Roaming and be sure to turn on roaming service on your device settings.

3. Turn off any call divert or call forwarding features. You can do this from your phone setting. Also, do switch off any fixed dialling feature from your phone settings.

4.    Reset your phone’s network access. You can do this by selecting "Reset Network Settings" from the settings on your phone. Note that your saved Wi-Fi password will be deleted and you will need to re-enter the password after the network reset.

5.   Update your phone’s operating system to make sure you are using the latest version. This will ensure there are no issues with the operating system.

If you’ve tried all the above steps and still cannot make or receive calls, submit an enquiry here, or call us at 016-2111800. If you are in overseas, you may call Digi Helpline by dialing *125# for free.