Promo Background

The offer runs from 1 April 2022 to 31 May 2022 and customers who purchase a new or MNP NEXT 35/45 plan will be entitled to FREE 5GB up to 12 months.

Promo Eligibility

This offer is applicable to Digi Prepaid NEXT 35 and NEXT45 new and MNP plans only.

5GB for 12 Months

  • You will be granted 5GB to your MyDigi Account within 2 days of purchasing the Eligible NEXT35 or NEXT45 Plan.
  • Subsequently, the 5GB will be granted every 30 days for the remaining months.
  • The 5GB is all usage data and will be valid for 30 days.

How to Purchase

This offer is available exclusively on the Digi Store Online and MSA.

Step 1: Visit the Digi Store Online. Head to Prepaid NEXT's Main Page and select "Buy Now".

Step 2: Select "Get New SIM" or "Switch to Digi".

Step 3: Fill in your Personal Details including NRIC and Mobile Number to proceed.

Step 4: Select Active Monthly Internet Plan NEXT 35 or 45.

Step 5: Fill in your Billing and Shipping Details.

Step 6: Click "Proceed" to complete the Purchase Transaction.