This promo is valid for the Purchase of Honor X9 5G and Honor X8 only.

To enjoy the additional 1-Year Extended Warranty, customers will need to activate their new device and redeem it before 30 June 2022.

Redemption Steps

Method (1)

Step 1: Scan the QR Code below and it will redirect to the HONOR Support Page or visit here.


Step 2: Complete all the details in the application such as Device Model, Serial Number (SN), Email Address and Contact Number. 

Step 3: Click "Submit". After submission, the application will display “Submit Completed/ Submitted Successfully”.

  • For the status of extended warranty details, click here.
  • If you encounter any failure on redemption or require further information, please contact Honor Support here.

Method (2)

Step 1: Open the HONOR App on your NEW device. If an Update Request is prompted, please proceed to update. This is to ensure the App is of the Latest Version.

Step 2: Select "Malaysia".

Step 3: Proceed to the “Services Tab” and click on “Service Activities”.

Step 4: Tick on the Privacy Statement and click “Get it”. The page will redirect to the “Congratulation” Page, when successful.

Note: The HONOR App will self-detect the Device Model, Serial Number (SN) and Activities' Date. The App will show "Fail to Redeem" if you try to activate the warranty with a Different Device.