Dear valued customers,   

Thank you for staying with Digi!  

For Digi to better provide you with the best value, we will be reviewing and consolidating some of our Legacy Prepaid Plans to migrate to our current Prepaid plans. Please be assured that there are no changes to your pre-existing benefits. After the migration, you will notice a change to the name of your Prepaid plan in your MyDigi app.  

This migration exercise is estimated to start from 25 May 2022 onwards.  

Please refer to the table below for the impacted Prepaid plans that will be migrated to current Prepaid Plans:  

Legacy Plan to be Migrated 

New Plan 

Digi Smart Prepaid SE 

Digi Smart Prepaid  

DiGi Easy Prepaid SE  

DiGi Easy Prepaid v3 

DiGi Easy Prepaid EM  

Digi Easy Prepaid v1 

Digi Easy Prepaid v2 

DiGi Easy Prepaid v3 

DiGi Prepaid Best 2017 MNP  

DiGi Prepaid Best 2017  

DiGi Prepaid Best 2017 P2P  

DiGi Prepaid Best 2017 SP  

Digi Prepaid LiVE 2017  

Digi Prepaid LiVE  

DiGi Prepaid LiVE MNP  

DiGi Prepaid LiVE P2P 

All subscribers that are under these above-mentioned rate plans will be changed to comparable or better existing Digi Prepaid plans.  

Once migrated, you will NOT be able to revert to their old plan. However, you may choose switch to other current Digi Prepaid plans being offered in the market.