1. Where to get Digi Postpaid / Prepaid - Roaming Pass?

Go to Roaming Pass for more details.

2. When to purchase Roaming Passes?

You can purchase either before you leave, or upon arrival at your destination country. We recommend purchasing it via MyDigi for greater flexibility. 


3. How to purchase Roaming Passes?

You can purchase it via:

a. MyDigi app - before or after arrival at destination country

Note: Ensure you’re connected to the internet eg. Wi-Fi

1. Login to the MyDigi app.

2. Click ‘Buy Add-Ons’.

3. Click ‘Roaming’ and select the country/region.

4. Click on the roaming pass you intend to purchase.

5. Select and confirm the date to activate the roaming pass.

6. Click ‘Confirm’.

b. UMB by Dialing *800# - only after arrival at destination country

4. How do I know if my Roaming Pass is activated?

An activation SMS will be sent to your mobile number. 

For roaming passes bought for immediate use, the activation will be immediate.      

For roaming passes bought in advance, the Roaming Pass will be activated anytime from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. (Malaysia Time) on the selected date. Customers will receive an SMS to confirm successful activation of the roaming pass.

E.g: Purchase Roaming Pass for 15 May | Destination - Bangkok Thailand | Roaming Pass will be activated on 15 May between 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. (Malaysia Time) / 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. (Bangkok Time) upon receipt of confirmation SMS.

5. What is the validity of the Roaming Pass?

The validity period for each Roaming Pass will commence from the point of activation.

Reminder: To avoid being charged with additional Roaming charges/fees, please turn off 'Data Roaming' or 'Cellular Data/Mobile Data' on your mobile phone before the end of the validity period. Read how here.

If it is not disabled, you will be subjected to additional standard International Roaming charges.

6. If there is a time difference in Malaysia and the roaming country, when will my Roaming Pass expire?

Your subscribed Roaming Pass will automatically expire as the example below:

  • 1-day Pass → 24 hours from point of activation
  • 3-day Pass → 72 hours from point of activation 

Note: Subscribers will receive a reminder SMS prior to expiry. Alternatively, they can refer to the SMS received at the point of activation. 


7. How to use the Roaming Pass?

Turn on the International Roaming Service(s) on your MyDigi App. Read how here.

Turn on the Data Roaming feature on your Mobile Phone. Read how here.

8. Will the preferred mobile operator network be automatically assigned or do I have to manually select my preferred operator? 

Operator selection is done automatically to the preferred local operator. Manual selection is only required if you have issues connecting to the preferred network. 



9. How can I manually select my preferred network or mobile operator while roaming?

Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Network Selection > Switch off Automatic.

10. Where can I view my roaming quota balance?

The quota can be viewed in both MyDigi and by dialing UMB *800#.

For Digi Postpaid subscribers, more information on how to read your roaming internet balance can be found in this article.


Note: If data is consumed before the Roaming Pass has been activated, customers will be subjected tstandard International Roaming charges/fees.  

11. What can the Roaming Voice Minutes be used for? 

The Roaming Voice calls can be used for:

  • local numbers in the visited country 
  • calls to participating countries and calls to Malaysia

Note: receiving calls will also deduct minutes from the call allowance. 

12. How to deactivate voicemail before you travel abroad?

We encourage subscribers to turn off voicemail before traveling to other countries. This is to avoid any voicemail related charges. 


  • Postpaid subscribers can deactivate voicemail by dialing *128# > Digi Rewards & Services > Voicemail > Deactivate Voicemail > Confirm
  • Prepaid subscribers can deactivate voicemail by dialing *128# > My account > Account setting > Voicemail > Deactivate voicemail > Confirm


Once the deactivation is done, subscribers will receive an SMS confirmation that the voicemail service has been deactivated. 

13. Can I use the same Roaming Pass when visiting multiple countries within the same day? 

Subscribers may only use the same Roaming Pass if they visit multiple countries with our 7-day & 14-day Roaming Passes. 



14. Will I be charged multiple times if I switch between different mobile operator networks within the Roaming Pass validity period? 

No, subscribers will not be charged multiple times if they switch between different mobile operator networks. However, they will be charged for every Roaming Pass purchase. 



15. How can I request for a refund if my roaming charges are inaccurate? 

Contact Digi Customer Support at 016-2211800 for help. Alternatively, subscribers may log a request via MyDigi app > Support > Report An Issue > Billing.