Here are the steps to turn Roaming Service on or off through MyDigi.

Friendly reminder: Roaming Service has to be turned ON to purchase the Roaming Passes.

1. Open the MyDigi App

2. Tap on the Menu Icon at the top left

3. Tap on Settings

4. Tap on My Subscriptions

5. (a) To turn on International Roaming, slide the toggle to the right. It will turn blue.

(b) To turn off International Roaming, slide the toggle to the left and tap “Confirm”. When the toggle is grey, it means that the International Roaming Service has been turned off.

Digi Prepaid

  • The International Roaming feature is turned ON by default all the time. 

For more information, visit our Roaming Pass FAQs here. 

  • If you face any issues with your roaming service, contact us by aubn enquiry hereor call us at 016-211 1800. If you are in overseas, you may call Digi Helpline by dialing *125# (Free for the first 10 mins).