Offer details


Available to all Digi Postpaid customers only, the Daily Unlimited Roaming offers subscribers unlimited internet browsing while traveling abroad for RM36/day. Subscribers to enjoy 1GB high speed Internet, while the remaining usage will be at a reduced speed. 

This offer is best for checking emails and browsing the Internet and social media while traveling abroad!


Eligible countries


Visit our website for the full list of eligible countries. 


How to start internet roaming


There is no Subscription required, all you need to do is: 

  1. Ensure you have turned on International Roaming on mobile plan, and
  2. Turn on Data Roaming on your mobile phone.

How to stop internet roaming

This will auto-renew in 24 hours. To stop auto-renewal, turn off International Roaming service on your MyDigi app and disable Data Roaming on your mobile phone.