If you are not able to access Internet or voice calls services while you are roaming, it may be caused by certain limitations placed by the country’s network or government’s restrictions. Please refer to below for currently known issues:


In USA, AT&T's 3G network has been phased out on 22 February 2022, so you may experience intermittent voice interruption in some areas. You can still use the 4G network to browse the Internet and please use app-based (VoIP) calls (e.g. voice calls via WhatsApp, Telegram, FaceTime) until further notice.


In Thailand, there are no roaming services available in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat districts due to restrictions set by the Thai Government.


In India, there are no roaming services available in Jammu, Kashmir, Assam & the Northeast regions of India due to restrictions set by the Indian Government.


In Myanmar, there are NO data roaming as governed by local authorities. ONLY voice call (DirectDial) and SMS will be available.

Postpaid Roaming rates displayed on the website are applicable to all rate plans EXCEPT those listed below:

  • DG Smart Plan
  • Digi Smart Plan
  • iDigi Plan
  • SmartBIZ Plan
  • DG Plus Plan
  • MPLite SP Plan
  • MPPro SP Plan
  • MPElite Plan
  • Biz Plans
  • DG Postpaid Simple Plan
  • Biz Plan PAYU
  • Biz Smart Plan
  • Biz Plus Plan
  • Biz Postpaid Plan
  • Biz SmartFree Plan
  • Go Digi

To check the detailed rates applicable to your rate plan, kindly contact our customer service at 016-2211800 or dial *125# if you are abroad (free for first 1 hour).

If you are unable to use or connect to roaming, please submit an enquiry here.