Product Overview:

Digi Prepaid BEST 2017 is a legacy Prepaid plan, active but non-selling plan. It has been succeeded by Digi Prepaid NEXT catering to data-centric subscribers and Digi Prepaid Raja Kombo designed for foreign workers residing in Malaysia or Malaysians with heavy usage on IDD to selected countries. 


Offer ID: 

Digi Prepaid BEST 2017, Digi Prepaid BEST 2017 MNP, Digi Prepaid BEST 2017 P2P, Digi Prepaid BEST 2017 VP, Digi Prepaid BEST 2017 SP, Digi Prepaid BEST 2017 SRV

Status: Active non-selling


Rate Plan Freebies

1. Free midnight Internet (12am-8am) daily, redeemable via MyDigi app or dial *888*1#


2. Free 1GB high-speed Internet (valid till 11:59pm of the same day) with minimum RM1/day IDD spend, redeemable via MyDigi app or dial *888*1#

Internet Plan Subscription

Internet subscription options:

1. Subscribe to monthly auto-renewal Internet biGBonus/ Raja Kombo via the MyDigi app or dial *116#
2. Subscribe to monthly one-time Internet Cili Padi XL via the MyDigi app or dial *116#

Note: Long tenure prepaid subscribers who have been auto-converted to this plan in November/December 2022, will have the existing Internet plan subscription continued into the new plan. Please log into MyDigi app or web to check internet quota details.

Boosters and On-demand Passes

Subscribers may purchase Monthly Plan boosters if internet quota finishes before the end of 30 days subscription or opt for On-Demand passes with shorter validity.


Boosters and On-demand passes are available for purchase via the MyDigi app.


RM0.13/30 secs for first two minutes (30 secs charging block), subsequent RM0.26/min (60 secs charging block)

*30 or 60 secs charging block: Rates are charged every 30 or 60 seconds.






Subscribers who stay with Digi Prepaid earn Loyalty Bonus internet (redeemable) upon monthly auto-renewal (biGBonus and Raja Kombo) Internet plan purchase or renewal. 

Bonus internet are given based on the subscriber tenure:

  • 1 month – 500MB
  • 2 months – 1GB
  • 3 to 6 months – 2GB
  • 7 to 12 months – 3GB
  • 13 to 23 months – 4GB
  • 24 months and above – 6GB



International Direct Dialing (IDD) passes are available for purchase via the MyDigi app.

To find out more about IDD rates and pay-as-you-use charges, visit Digi website | International Direct Dialing (IDD).


SMS and MMS IDD Rates vary according to country. 

Visit Digi website | International Direct Dialing (IDD), select a country and Digi Prepaid BEST 2017 plan to find out more about the IDD rates.


Your mobile data will be utilized based on the following precedence depending on the availability that you have at any point in time:

  1. Internet freebie
  2. On-demand passes
  3. Monthly plan booster
  4. Monthly auto-renew / One-time internet plans
  5. Free basic internet