1. What are the selected airlines under Aeromobile In-Flight network? 

You can refer to the latest list of partner airlines under Aeromobile’s networherePlease note that AeroMobile service is subject to airline scheduling and cannot be guaranteed. Do check the onboard announcement for connectivity option on your flight. 


2. How can I purchase the In-Flight Roaming Pass? 

You may purchase the roaming pass by dialing *800*3# when you are onboard the aircraft. Wait till you have received an SMS indicating your successful purchase before switching on Data Roaming in your Phone Settings to start surfing on the internet. 


3. Upon purchase, how do I enable the In-Flight roaming services to work? 

  1. a. You will receive an SMS indicating your successful purchase. 

b. Turn on your mobile phone and make sure your Airplane Mode is switched off. 

c. Turn on Data Roaming. 

d. Your device will automatically detect the AeroMobile network and connect to it. 

e. You’re now connected, so feel free to surf the internet 


4. When can I start using the In-Flight Roaming service? 

The airline cabin crew will make an announcement letting you know when you can turn your mobile phones on and start using the service.  


5. What is the Internet quota & price?  

Please refer to MyDigi for more information.